Romana Knuth’s Profile





B.Juris (cum laude)

Focus Areas:

Property Law


Romana Knuth’s career path commenced in Commerce at U.P.E (as it was known then). But her direction was set to change when in her second year, she was told by members of the law faculty that she had missed her calling and should rather study law. Romana decided to finish what she started first and so graduated in 1984 with a B Comm, majoring in Industrial Psychology and Business Economics. In 1985, she enrolled with the law faculty and 2 years later, was awarded a B.Juris cum laude. In 1988, Romana obtained her LL.B decree from U.C.T on the Dean’s Merit List. After traveling abroad, she commenced her articles with Gordon Solomons Attorneys and on admission as an attorney at the beginning of 1992, was made partner. At Solomons and Knuth, she qualified as a conveyancer and found her niche, Property Law.

In 1999, a career shift took her to Bay Board of Trustees where she practised as a trustee and liquidator of insolvent estates. In 2000, she also joined Friedman Scheckter as a partner, practising liquidation and property law in tandem. The property boom saw her return to her true love in which she continues to specialise. Romana sees her greatest attribute as a practitioner as being able to put her expertise and experience to best use to find a practical and expedient solution. She is a problem solver intent on a win-win solution.

Out of the office, Romana loves to socialise with her friends, read, cook (and even more so, eat) and play bridge. She loves the movies and television, music and her iPad, with Pinterest taking up most of her browsing time. Although she loves to travel, she loves coming home, where she is happiest, pottering around the house and spending time with her lovely daughter, Jessica and their beloved dogs, Diesel, Milo, Jay and the latest addition to the family, Verena.

Contact: +27 41 395 8400

Fax: +27 41 363 1727